Autumn time is planting time

Autumn time is planting time

Autumn time is planting time and with the crisp Autumn air on our doorstep, we welcome ‘The month of the Harvest’.  September is the perfect time for planting all fruit trees and fruit bushes.  

Not only do they provide healthy fruits that can be baked with or sliced into fresh leafy salads, jams, chutney and compote that carry us into the Winter and Spring months, they are also a flowering tree, one that is adored by bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects. By simply adding an additional tree that flowers simultaneous to the other trees, this allows for cross-pollination and fruit to grow. 

When planting any tree, be it, apples, pears or plums, a few easy steps to be mindful of include, selecting a sheltered spot full of sun, digging out the soil to the dept of approx. 45cmX45cm, whilst mixing in plenty of compost and fertiliser at the same time.  

Caring for the tree is just as important as planting it, use a strong stake and tree tie to secure it until the roots have been fully developed. Organic seaweed conditioner will improve the soil which in return will keep your trees and fruits healthy, reducing the need for chemical spray. Lastly, keep an eye out for damaged and cross over branches and remove immediately.  

Ballyseedy Home & Garden Centre have a wide range of fruit trees available, duo fruit trees that will work in container and small areas and a selection of fan fruit that are suitable for growing against walls and fences. Ballyseedy recommends Dingle made De Brun (Iasc) Teoranta organic soil conditioner and Brandon Tomato Feed with Seaweed Extract, all sourced locally from the lovely shores of Kerry – available in-store.