The Tradescantia Zebrina or Inch Plant as it's commonly known is a colorful, easy-care, trailing plant. It has silver, purple and green foliage that is fast-growing and vibrant. 

The shimmering waxy leaves offer an unusual texture, it is a fabulous plant for layering and adding interest to any space.

This variation comes as a hanging plant. The hanging mechanism can be easily removed so that you can also choose to display it in a pot or on a shelf. 

As an air purifier, it will remove the usual household toxins from the air. It originates from Mexico and Guatemala so does not tolerate chilly cold rooms well, best to keep it in the warmest room in your space and mist often. 

Height 22 cm.

Pot size: 17cm.

Supplied in hanging nursery pot.

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      TO KNOW 


      Bright indirect

      Allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

      Best kept away from pets & children.