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This collection of large plants is on everyone's wish list this year. Each of them appearing on the top 10 ‘must have’  lists for 2021, across interior design, and fashion mags. Their addition to any space will instantly transform it. 

A great opportunity to get this bundle of plants with a big discount for yourself or for a loved one. 

Large Elephant Ear Plant 
The Elephant Ear Plant has deep green leaves with serrated edges. The large bold leaves tend to look upwards, hence its name, and this plant screams indi tropical vibes. It is a fast grower and can reach up to 3 feet tall indoors.

Height 56 cm, Pot size: 15cm, Pot not included

Find more details about the Elephants Ear Plant here.


    Large Madagascar Dragon Tree 
    With its palm-like leaves, can grow up to 6ft in height. It has a dramatic exotic presence with long green leaves that are edged in dark reds. Also, an excellent air purifier. 

    Height 110cm, Pot size: 21cm, Pot not included

      Find more details about the Large Madagascar Dragon Tree here.

        Large Snake Plant
        Striking and hardy with long sword-like, dark green leaves. This plant thrives on neglect. It is an excellent air purifier. 

        Height 55cm, Pot size: 30cm, Pot not included

        Find more details about the Large Snake Plant here.

        Choosing a pot?
        We recommend the 26cm Lisbon Classic Planter for each of these plants.