A beautiful hanging vine that is growing in popularity. It is not a fast grower and therefore easy to maintain. 

It has pretty heart-shaped trailing leaves that are green and splashed with silvery-grey markings. Ideal as a hanging plant or trailing over the edge of a bookshelf. It will climb if used with a moss pole. 

This plant loves indirect light, does not tolerate direct sunshine, and would benefit from regular misting. 

The Satin Pathos requires repotting every year or two. Repotting to a larger container will encourage it to grow however it is only necessary when it becomes root-bound.

When re-potting make sure to repot into well-drained potting soil, and that your pot has a drainage hole, as it will not tolerate soggy soil. 


Height 45cm, Pot size: 13cm, Nursery pot with hanger & tray

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      Indirect sunlight is best but it can thrive in low lighting

      Avoid letting the soil dry out completely, water and mist regularly.

      Best kept away from pets & children.