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The Velvet Calathea is a striking tropical plant. It has long patterned wavy leaves which are dark and bright green and have a vibrant purple underbelly. It has been said that the velvety tactile nature of this plant promotes a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.  

It is an excellent air purifier. It loves a humid climate which you can recreate by misting it regularly. Keep it toasty at an even temperature, away from chilly or draughty spots.

Calatheas love rainwater and really dislike the chemicals in standard tap water. 

Height 80cm, Pot size: 19cm, Pot not included

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      TO KNOW 


      Likes bright light not direct sunlight in a warm room.

      Keep the soil moist, not soggy. Never allow the soil to dry out completely.

      Pet & child-friendly.