Containers & Patio Planting

Containers & Patio Planting

Our patios, decks and outdoor spaces are becoming more and more an extension of our homes, and, just like indoors, we like to decorate the areas we spend a lot of time so that they look good and feel inviting. A really great way to do this is on a patio with larger potted plants, such as evergreen shrubs, standards and even hardy perennials that will look spectacular throughout the year.

We’ve put together a list of some of our plants available from Ballyseedy, or your local garden centre, to include suitable plants that will grow really well in pots and containers, in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all areas and budgets too.

Skimmia japonica, Phormiums, Agapanthus blue storm, Camelias, Carex evergold, Miscanthus sinensis, Hydrangea in different varieties and of course large topiary plants such as Buxus ball, spirals and pyramids. Taxus baccata and large specimen conifers give great structure to your pots and planters and also look fantastic when underplanted with a variety of alpines, herbaceous plants, cottage garden plants and seasonal bedding. Again, these are all available from Ballyseedy or your local garden centre at this time of year.

Fragrant planting in your containers create a cosy and cottage style feel whilst also giving wonderful aromas around the garden. After all, a garden should engage all of your senses. Texture, colour and seasonality are all important concepts, but scent is often overlooked when designing and planning a garden. Fragrance adds an extra layer of richness to your pots and garden even if you don’t have a huge area to work with. You can still indulge in the luxury of scented plants, by placing them where they will be most appreciated such as in containers near your front door, along walkways where you’ll brush by them and release their fragrant sweetness, or near windows where you can pick up their scent.

Try adding a few of these fragrant favourites to enhance your garden’s personality. You won’t be disappointed!