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This striking trio is cool, sophisticated and low maintenance. Making it an ideal starter kit for newbie plant parents or those looking to update & add to their existing plant collection.

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Small Snake Plant

The super trendy Snake Plant is striking and hardy with long sword-like leaves. It is an excellent air purifier, a great plant choice for a bedroom or office space.

Height 35 cm, Pot size: 10 cm, Ceramic pot included

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Small Rubber Plant

With its large glossy dark green leaves, it has a cool simplicity and a minimalistic look and feel. It is a hardy and fast growing plant, low maintenance but best kept away from draughts.

Height 45 cm, Pot size: 17 cm, Ceramic pot included

Find more details about the Rubber Plant here.


Small Aloe Vera

An attractive succulent plant. Aloe vera are used for medicinal purposes and will relieve burns or scrapes when the juice from within the plant is applied topically. 

Height xx cm, Pot size: 12cm, Ceramic pot included

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